Arthur Monnet

  • Role: Product Manager/Designer
  • Date: August-October 2013
  • Platforms: Web, Mobile, Tablet

mention offers a media monitoring app for brands to obtain filtered, organized and prioritized information from the web and social networks.

Product Manager/Designer

Mention recruited me in August 2013 as a Product Manager in order to ensure the smooth development of their fast growing application (over 100,000 users and counting).

Inbox Filters

The first feature I introduced as Product Manager was the ability to filter mentions in sub-categories, and thereby replicate email management behavior for easier feed organisation.

Inline Toolbar for mentions

I led the introduction of the most user-requested feature: archive & quick actions. Together with inbox filters, it helped provide users with a clean & efficient feed at all times. Everyone loves Inbox Zero.

New HomePage

Over time & updates, Mention’s homepage was no longer representative of the actual product. I therefore had to rethink and redesign it from scratch. Here’s a preview:

- Thank you for watching -
Designed & Coded with by Arthur Monnet